Does he deserve to be yelled at?!

i called this guy after months of talking and saying we liked communicating and saying hi to each other and him telling my friend I don't say hi to him you know the whole flirting back and forth "idk if she or he likes me" type thing so when I called it was restricted because that's how my house phone is so he didn't know it was me and then when I told him it was he goes "no its not call me on ur real number" and so I called him back on the restricted and he goes "call me later bye" so I text him on my phone to ask when he can talk and he doesn't respond! so am I wrong to want to tell him off becuase he has called me rude before for ignoring him at school but then he goes and acts like this!


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  • sounds like he isn't interested, if he was he would talk. though, don't yell at him, ignore him (that always gets guys interested)

    • Well I don't care if he's interested or the one not interested and nah I'm just gonna ask him why he treats me like that no more games I'm done with this fool

  • Sounds like he's a jerk. If anything, you should just leave him. But don't yell at him, because that brings you down to his level.


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