If a girl is interested, would she ignore your texts?

Or would she apologize for not responding?

I just can't make up my mind about girls who play really nice or flirty in real life, but don't communicate if we don't bump into ecah other.


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  • An interested girl won't ignore your texts. She may not respond right away, but she WILL respond.

    Some girls get off on the high of a guy flirting with them, but have no real desire to pursue it further. Men are guilty of this as well. It's all a game of ego and doesn't have to mean a thing.

    Best thing to do to weed out the ones who are interested from the game players is to send a simple text, then wait and see. If she responds, you have a chance. If she doesn't, move on to someone worth your time.

    • Also, would she initiate if she was interested? Or does that take a bit of warming up?

    • Well honestly, a lot of girls still believe the guy should be the one to initiate texts. After the first couple, we will feel it's ok to take the initiative. Old fashioned, not fair to you guys, but you will find it to be true for a lot (not all) of us.

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  • No way she would ignore your texts if she is genuinely interested in you. If she is ignoring your texts means it clear she is not interested but doesn't want to tell you and come off as rude.

  • There are people who play mind games