Girl gave me all the signals but what if she said no?

this girl gave me all the signals in the book, she's the one even rushing it. Im planning on asking if she would be my girlfriend... I mean this can't go wrong, but what if she said no? How should i react? Ask why she gave me all the signals in the first place? Even her and my friends would be so fucking surprised if she said;no.
Im like damn 95% sure, the only 5% holding me back is her texting.
Yes boys the "never-type-longer-than-her-rule" im winning. Even when i dry respond with 1-3 words, she would normally responds with more no matter how much. But she is so boring and seems uninterested when texting (maybe due to work, or cause i sometimes forgot to respond to her texts). Thats the only thing im worried about...
So what should i do or say when the NO comes?


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  • if she told her friends anything and they r surprised if she says no as u said... i don't see y she should lie at em, at least

    • i told em all the signals and they said normally its greenlight, i mean she's obvious

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    • when she ignores she might b busy actually

    • y ik thats what i said :p but anyways its only the texting part; otherwise in real life she gives me all the signals

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  • You should ask her why she said no and ask if there's a possibility that you can change her mind

    • i thought about that aswel but ain't that a bit needy?

    • No. That actually puts you more in her favor because you are willing to understand from her perspective.

    • alright then, still as i say its normaly a certified yes...

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  • Just say ok, no problem, and move on man. Don't worry about it. If she says no, that is her problem.

  • You move on with your life, it's that simple.

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