Why did people call me a creep on here when I said I would offer women I know to go on a date with me?

Ugly guys have no choice but to do this. How is it creepy? I was never asking for sex or kissing. Just a date. In order for an ugly to have an experience of a date sadly we have to do something like this. You are not an ugly guy, so don't judge since you are not in our shoes.

Offering women IN PERSON that I know.
Ugly guys have no choice but to offer money to get a date.


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  • Do you mean paying for a girl to go on a date with you? just to experience it? Your question is a little difficult to understand lol

    • Ugly guys have no choice. So we can know how going on a date feels like we have to do something like this. We want to go on dates too.

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    • What are ugly guys supposed to do? You give no tips. You never gave any tips, I asked you the question many times and you still haven't answered. I guess you agree with me that ugly guys are screwed.

    • You didn't ask for tips, you asked if it was creepy to do what you're doing. After you were dramatic as fuck, after you were rude and now you want more answers. I'm telling you, your personality is a way bigger issue than your looks most likely.

      Almost any person, who is ugly, can dress well, can work out and get their bodies in shape, can do things to make their appearance better, even a little bit. You can be ugly and still carry yourself well and you can still find women who will date you for carrying yourself well, if you have the personality for it also.

      Women don't want a mopey guy, who feels sorry for himself, who calls himself ugly all of the time. Whether you do these things out loud of not, they impact how you feel about yourself and that impacts how you feel on the inside and that's noticeable to women. They don't want that, they want a confident guy who knows that he has more to offer than looks.

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  • Why do ugly guys always think it's their looks a that make them creepy?
    It's all about the way you present yourself and your attitude. If you're awkward it's going to be weird.

    • When did the hell did I say my looks are the reason women AND MEN on HERE called me creep when I mentioned that I would offer women that I know in person money to go on a date with me. Ugly guys have no choice.

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    • I am sure eventually a woman that I know would say yes to a date if I offer money. Don't you think? It could be a woman I know in person or a woman I know on a dating site. Don't you agree? Also, what do you think an ugly guy supposed to do?

    • Sure. Some women may take the money bribe. If this is your only plan of action then this is the only woman that might stick around, so keep that in mind if you want a girlfriend who only got to know you from a money bribe.

      I think anyone has a chance. I see less than attractive people with SOs all the time. It's about your confidence and charisma, and you're probably not as bad looking as you're making yourself out to be. But offering money out of desperation shows you have zero confidence. Confidence is key.

  • She's just dramatic.

    • ? ? ? ? ? what are you talking about?

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  • This isn't a dating site?

    • Not women on this SITE, I said women I know IN PERSON.

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    • What? I am just telling people on here that I am going to offer women in person that I know in person money to go out with me.

    • Understand?