Time to Fall Back, Advice?

More I think about it, the man I and supposedly.. yea supposedly talking to you, I'm starting to see a whole a lot of red flags and I'm getting pissed off, that when I want to hangout he is busy, or have some type of excuse he doesn't work since his accident he had some years ago, he told me he doesn't like texting in the beginning and he mention it again that he doesn't and talking on the phone and I told him okay since you don't how are we suppose to communicate and he told me when we see each other in person hahah yea okay I'm thinking if that's the case then we should hangout more. I am more busy then him since I have a job. He also feel like he uses his child an excuse to for the reason we can't spend time together like he has him or something but he doesn't have him this weekend so why can't we spend time together and I have already meet his child and spend time with them both many times. Also another thing he only talking to me so he said and couple of days ago I text him saying "since I'm not feeling, all I want to do is cuddle and I send that to him at 10:25pm and if he was sleeping I understand that but he could texted me the next day and said something. Overall I am pissed!! And I'm type of woman were I want to saying something instead of just leaving him alone not saying anything at all what some people might say I just need advice on what to say to him by text.. please someone help me about this I'm done being the the pushover the doormat for this shit to continue to think its okay for him to act like I have any do anything or leave.


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  • You should leave.

    • I need more advice then that

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