Insecure to meet my crush, what to do?

I just moved to a totally new country I've never been before. I know absolutely no one here but on my second week I "met" a local guy on a local chatroom. Torn between the desire to actually get to know him better and the fact that I had no idea who he is and what he wants, I just gave him my number, no FB profile, no photos, nothing..
I did not imagine at all that we will talk again after that. However, we have been talking on the phone ever since, every single day, for hours.. We got to be so close, we know so many things about each other, even really personal stuff. And even if it was only over the phone, he helped me a lot with the process of settling in etc..

The problem is, I am dying to meet him and so is he. But I am so insecure about meeting people after actually talking to them for a while. I mean I met some people from social media before but it always turned out not as expected. That chemistry we had at first would always fade away some time after we meet up.
And the biggest problem (for me) is that I am insecure about my body, although I have a very beautiful face and I am not excessively fat or anything (160 cm tall, 90 Kg).
I have already told him I am not skinny and I am more on the heavier side. But I am still afraid it turns out bad.
I like him so much. I want to meet him because I am actually losing time..


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  • Take deep breaths and just do it!