Woman I met on an online dating site gave her her number but didn't answer and hasn't called back since I left her a voicemail?

A woman messaged me on an online dating site. We messaged back and forth a couple times and by her 3rd message she was writing several paragraphs, so I gave her my number and told her to call me. She gave me number and told me she doesn't call first.

It was late when I go her message so I just texted her telling her to let me know what time she'd be available to talk over the next 2 days. She replied back the next after noon saying " hey hey :)!!". I texted her back when I got off work and teased her playfully about not picking a time so I told her I call her around 10pm. She said she had been up since like 5am and was really tired but she would try to stay up. Then she apologized for not texted back earlier (It didn't bother me, so I didn't respond back).

When I called her that night she didn't answer, so I left her a voicemail playfully teasing her about falling asleep and told her we'd talk tomorrow. She did not reply at all today but I did see her online on the dating app, so she probably could have if she wanted to.

Normally once I ask a woman out I simply wait. Sometimes she calls me back and we go out, and sometimes she doesn't call. However I kinda screwed up. I should have asked her out on the voicemail and told her to let me know what evenings she has free. I've also had women I met online tell me I make it seem like I'm not interested because I don't text or call repeatedly (but when I do I make sure I'm excited and fun and playful), but I know enough about women to know that that could be true, or it could just be an excuse they came up with so they didn't have to tell me they weren't interested.

What should I do? Should I call or text her and let her know I want to schedule a date with her (since I was an idiot and forgot to do that when I called last night). Should I wait a few days? Should I not contact her again until she contacts me?

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  • It doesn't really sound like she's all that interested in you.

  • Text in a few days.


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