Uhhhh dating... ?

ok so im 25 and I've never dated or had sex (not looking to) I've been interested in the idea of dating and everyone says the same theing " you have to put yourself out there" ... what exactly is out there? i mean im kinda socialy dead... never really leave home. kinda seems hopess and worthless... I don't know what to do should i bother or just suffer through not knowing what its like.. cuz i mean I've seen alllot of failed relationships (all friends and almsot whole large family) so i kind of was exposed to negativity since i was a kid so i dont know what to think of it...


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  • Put yourself out there means to flirt and talk with some girls a little. It is basically a way of saying let it be known you are single and available so other single ladies can evaluate you and decide rather or not they are interested enough to date you. The reason why people tell men that is because women are not usually likely to approach you or start a conversation even if they are single and attracted to you. So, if you want to get in on the action then you have to make the first move buddy.


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  • Put yourself out there means meet a girl


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