What I'm I gonna do?

I've been secretly hanging out with this girl for several months (well she's in my same college). The major reason I never formally introduced myself is because when I was a then 15 year-old sophomore in HS, I once made a couple copies of her secret diary, then pass it around to several people when she left it one day.
Well off course I was confronted a couple days later by both her father and brother (didn't realize she had an older college brother too), after many of my friends send me to hell for doing that and I ended up getting a detention.

I have off course apologized later on (by our last yr of HS) and well do regret it. Eventually she did one day forgave. And so the problem is now her father found out about the secret meetings and has asked who I'm. She gave him my name but he doesn't remember me by my name. He's been telling her that I either introduce myself and get lost like a coward.

Mind you but he has no idea this is the same 15 year-old he hated back then but if I show up, he's going to then remember and recognize me. What do I do? What I'm I going to say this to guy that hated my guys back then? Or should I just break off my now friendship with her and go NC on her?


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  • Man up and face the guy. If you've changed you do all that and take responsibility for your actions. If you don't then you can keep running from your problems like a coward.

  • Break off the friendship.


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