Does my ex hate me?

Me and my ex have been broken up over 6 months. After the breakup things kind of didn't go so well while trying to talk as the hurt and emotions were still fresh. Well after months I decided to reach out and make peace with him I've been trying to keep my life on the right path with GOD and trying to change my life around. Yes during the breakup I said some things out of hurt I apologize to him. Months later I just wanted to make peace and be peaceful with him. I apologize he thanked me he never apologize for what he did but I didn't worry about it. So I asked him how have you been he ignored me. Then he tells me he has no bad feelings or resentment but he would like to be left alone and put this all behind him. Well I felt alittle hurt because I felt like I was being booted out of this person life forever he said there were no hard feelings then he blocked me. Why did he do this? Will he never speak to me again? Only positive responses please no mean respones


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  • Him blocking you is his way of saying he doesn't want you in his life. I know that hurts and I'm really sorry but the thing is ex's are under no obligation to keep you in their life. My one ex also did something similar and blocked me when I tried to reach out. I had to accept it for what it is and took it as the biggest motivation to move on. It has been 3 years since and I got over him pretty soon after the blocking because I was forced to suddenly go into "no contact" with him because it was his choice. See it as a positive sign that you two are simply just meant to be together even just as friends. It's incredibly difficult to move on when still being in contact with a ex so it's blessing in disguise that he blocked you.

    • Yeah I know what you mean but it's strange that he didn't block his other ex who already has another boyfriend. Why just me

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    • @Asker

      It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. Sometimes people just don't click well with you or feel that connection. I'm sure you have rejected a guy before too on maybe just not ticking all your boxes.

    • Yeah he threw around a bunch of reasons told me he didn't want to be with me romantically and that he cared for me as a friend then turned around and said it could have lasted between us it was just bad timing. I had to move with the military out of Japan back to California his home state he is still stationed over there. I remember him telling me he is in Japan and he is over this. And that I have a lot to look forward to in California. My friends told me that he gets around and that it wasn't smart for me to get involved with him given his reputation. Before we got in a relationship he told he that he was no good to a woman and that he needed to get his sh*t together. I guess I should have taken that as a warning

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  • I don't really see why you would want to be involved in his personal life now that you've broken up.
    Wanting to be friends, yes that's acceptable, but not a lot of couples become close friends. Just the "hi-hello-how's it been?" type as far as I've seen.
    I do suggest that you try not to push him into a type of relationship, even if it's just friends, if he doesn't want to.
    As long as you've apologized, been nice and has no feelings of resentment for him, I think that's enough for you to move on and have a happy life :)

    • Yes I did my part. I tried to be cordial. Also tried the Hi how you been but I guess he doesn't even want to respond to a Hi. So you're right I did my part

    • Yep, that should be enough to free you of the bad feelings you had once if you think you did something wrong. It makes bumping into him accidentally feel lighter :) If he's still hating it, then that's his problem. You shouldn't let what he thinks of you, or the decisions he make (like blocking you) affect you, because you've worked so hard to be better, don't let it pull you down.

    • You're right because people have forgiven others for things far worse than that. It seems like he is still hating and didn't truly forgive That's going to be on him not me.

  • why do you still care about ur ex? You shouldn't.. we should move on and concentrate on the future, I'm saying it out of my own experience. Be happy! and good luck

    Can you also help me here? thanks!

    • That's right: )

    • can you help me there please?

    • Not since much that I care I just don't like being resentful I treat everyone with respect and let things go. To me at the end of the day people are people and if I let something like a former relationship determine how I treat someone then I don't know... I can easily put things like that behind me and act as though it never happened and I don't have to block someone to prove it.