Do girls purposely don't reply?

It's been back and forth between me and this girl. We don't know where we both stand and I guess both have had our hearts broken and hence are hesitant. I've decided to man up and asked her out. She replied all emoticons and the likes happily. She replied yes and was keen then asked me a follow on question. I replied and since, she has not replied - only a 'message seen'. Since then though, I have seen her post up a photo of her having dinner.

So whats the go? You can post on social media but not reply to me?

  • Yep, she is just messing with your head
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  • No, she only sees you as a friend and hence
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  • What exactly did you say to each other? And I mean word for word. It's hard to judge the situation because she might have seen your reply as ending the conversation, if she had nothing else to ask or add. Here's a dummy example:
    Person A: Can I swing by your house at 2 pm to pick up that thing I forgot?
    Person B: Sure.
    Conversation ended, nothing more can be added since it would not be necessary.
    Personally, I only ignore people I don't want to talk to. And these are the people that I wouldn't necessarily treat badly, but neither would I go out of my way to make it seem like I really like them with emoticons and stuff. I wouldn't put an effort into keeping in touch with them or keeping the conversation going. Neither would I say yes if they asked me out.
    If I ignore someone I like, it's for a reason. Either I'm really busy and I can't reply, or I read their message while something else happened so I was too busy to reply and then forgot about it. Or we just had a fight and I need to cool off. Other than that, there's no point for me to ignore the person or their message (unless I see the last message they sent as an end to the conversation and I don't need to reply to it).


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  • Look, sometimes girls dont reply immediately beczuse they think it makes thm look needy, then get distracted by something or is txting someone else at the same time and just forgets to text back (we multitask a lot and this has happened more then once) then we all together forget.. and by the time we remember, that we are txting someone we get too lazy to reply back, so we just leave it... this happens, dont feel too offended she didn't answer back, just text her back and act like nothing happened...

  • If a girl is interested, she will be glued to the phone and ALWAYS reply. I promise you.


What Guys Said 2

  • so HOW did u reply bro?

  • I would think she just didn't want to respond.