He's never gonna ask me out is he?

He's never gonna ask me out is he?
I met a guy at my workplace... He is friends with a colleague and was at the club socialising... We chatted briefly and clicked... I asked my colleague about him and told him I thought he was cute... He had said the same thing about me and asked about me...
anyways this was 2 months ago... And he had just come... out of a long term relationship (5 years)...
i added him on facebook and we started chatting... I asked him if he wanted to catch up and he said yes but not yet as he'd "just gone through a messy breakup and wanted time alone and time with his friends."
I thought that was fair enough... And he said he would be keen to see me once his "head was in the right place."
anywaus he never initiates convo... It's always me making the first move... So I have stopped... He was replying to all my convos tho before... But a week ago he posted a video on fb and I commented one back... And I never got a response...
He added me on Instagram and we also matched on tinder.. So I'm very confused... He wants to follow me on social media but he doesn't want to interact... It doesn't make sense!
i recently found out that he has been shagging a girl he works with... Cos that is all he wants... Casual sex, no strings attached... And he will apparently "consider dating me" later (according to my colleague)... That's what he told him...

It doesn't make sense... If he is interested why doesn't he talk to me? Is he "just not that into me" like in that movie?

Why don't things ever work out for me?


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  • Why don't you ask him?
    I hate it when guys are expected to ask out girls. It should be a neutral thing. If a girl asked me out I'd be flattered.


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