What are the new guy's attentions?

Hi guys, so i met a guy online 2 months ago and we text every day but rather shallow conservations until now.. well in his texts he said he hopes that he can meet me very soon, he always asks to Skype but he didn't follow through yet.
Also he doesn't ask any questions about me as actual person.. but he puts lots of 😘❤️ smileys behind texts and when i told him recently that i'll probably return to London next week he replied: "yeeesss! so i can spend more time with you ❤️."

So guys, to be honest what I think at the moment is that he either isn't too interested or is interested but for some reason can't show it so much? What shall I do with this guy now?
Most importantly, how can i figure out how genuie he really is in order to protect me?
What kind of texts can i send where i could be able to read between the lines depending on his answers to get more closure?
Urgently many responses needed please! Thanks!


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  • If he's really into you he will ask questions about you. This sounds like it's more physical than emotional.

  • ulterior motive is to get into your pants when you meet him

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