Does she want me back?

A few days ago I accidently missed called my ex ( with her for 5 months) whilst in the gym. I didn't expect to hear back from her but she text me saying, you ok? xxxx then another one an hour later after I didn't reply saying, are you ok? do you miss me? xxxxxx I replied and It came out that I took a girl out on a date as friends to the resturant we first went. she got really jealous saying thats our place!!! she said I obviously didn't like her that much if I moved on that quick. I told her she's being stupid and we both know I liked her a lot. ( she was the one who said she needed time and that I should see other girls) She said I know I told you to see other girls but I didn't expect you too so quick, it just sounds weird. then she keept asking what does she look like, is she pretty etc . I said she's a nice girl but we are only friends. She kept asking what she looks like, I said why does it matter what she looks like we are only friends. Too which she hasn't replied. Im confused as to whats going on here. prior to this my ex was commenting on my facebook statuses and pictures. Does she want me back or am I being stupid. I still really like this girl but I dont know if she still feels the same way. what should I do?


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  • Maybe... sounds like she has some feeling for you still floating around inside her. I say you don't know till you try, if you still have feeling for her take her out and see if there's still a mutual connection.

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