How should I handle my relationship situation?

I'm 21 and going into my senior year of college. I've been in a loving relationship for the last six months and although we've had our problems, we love each other very much. However, more and more recently I've been thinking about what I want relationship-wise... in the past I didn't have much luck dating and this relationship has been my first real relationship. Lately I've been wanting to go out, have fun, and test the waters again, in part because I only have had one experience with a relationship and I want to know what else is out there... the other side is that I care very much for my current girlfriend and I feel like I don't want to hurt her at all. I also worry about taking this step but nothing coming of it, given my previous dating track record... but the "test the waters" side of me has been gaining strength lately.
Have you been in a situation like this? Have you been on the other end of something like this? What happened? How did you feel?


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  • Just tell her you need some time to yourself to "get your head out of your ass" and to concentrate on finding who you are and if she loves you as much as you both say she does she should understand just as long as your happy


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  • Doesn't sound like you're ready for a relationship

    • I think you're mostly right in the sense that I don't want to settle down right now.

    • No one that loves someone is gonna have this floating around their mind... I mean you might care about her a lot but If it's a good thing why ruin it.

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