So I've wondered why I don't feel emotions of love?

i don't feel emotions of love. why dating is hard for me. i will literally date anybody just to see if i can connect with them on that special level. the only way for me to know if im loved. is if someone comes up to me and says i really like you. directly. and lets face it that's not going to happen.

why am i like this? it sucks. the most common answer i got was "people just know when their in love". well sorry i don't. i. just. don't. have that switch that everyone else has. really i have nothing and i feel nothing.


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  • Then what can we do to help you?

    • I really wish I knew the answer too that. I really do. it's like can't I feel a spark. or know when I connect with someone.

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    • wait... I hope you know what I meant lol

    • Yes I know what you mean hun, no worries. Thanks for MHO also😊😊😊

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  • The reason they have such a hard time explaining it is because it's difficult to put into words. Being in love is something you just know, balls to bone. It's a wonderful feeling.

    I can't speak intelligently as to why you don't feel it. Possibly because you haven't met the right person. That's the reason we date. Consider it browsing through the catalog. There's lots of things you can order; some you'll like, some you won't - but there's one there somewhere that you'll love. And when it happens, you'll know it.

  • Probably because you are desperate at this point.

    • it's not a desperate thing. it's a problem thing. where I can't connect with others because I feel no romantic likeness, love etc toward them

    • People tend to equate love with interest in one's person mixed with physical infatuation.

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