He doesn't want to lose me?

He says he doesn't want to lose me after confessing he slept with another girl while I was out of town... I decided to leave him, now he's trying to give me a guilt trip and I do feel bad... Why would he tell me if he feared he would lose me?


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  • When the cat was away the mouse did play and Now... He's trying to give me a guilt trip and I do feel bad...
    This was his Intention to make you try and realize that he goofed up and with Admitting he was this Cheat sheet, he is trying to save the day and... His girl.
    He was Guilty himself, this is why he decided to squeak up. And with possibly contemplating giving him a second chance in this romance, I probably would but it would certainly have to be Earned and Not... Expected right away today.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you. I will think about it, but as you said, he will have to earn it.

    • Absolutely and make sure you are the fly on the wall that never misses a trick and all. xxoo

    • So welcome, sweetie. xx

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  • I give him slight credit for coming forward (most you have to catch). However you did the right thing. A cheater is a cheater and he broke rule number 1 in a relationship so there is nothing to feel bad about. You did the right thing.

  • Good question. Maybe he's honest and wanted to confess. Maybe he's doing it so you'll feel sorry for him and give him another chance. The old saying "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" seems to apply here. Every guy is different, though. I wouldn't have put myself in that place to begin with.

  • Trust is essential to the foundation of a relationship and a relationship is only as good as the foundation it's built on. Cheating is the ultimate act of betrayal in a relationship and it's the complete violation of the trust that you put in your partner. To say you did the right thing by leaving him is an understatement.

    • Thank you. I do feel betrayed. I trusted him, went camping for a week, and he slept with someone else...

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  • He wanted to be honest with you. May I suggest forgiving him? Sex with another isn't the worst thing he could do. It's the lies that cause betrayal.

    • I have had that same thought, I did give him credit for being honest with me, but I still feel betrayed by his actions and worry about if it's going to happen again in the future.

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    • I will ponder my decision. I do think he was trying to make things right by fessing up, I can't imagine how difficult it was for him to do so...

    • I'm sure it was a very hard decision considering he doesn't want to lose you. That's why I think you should keep that in mind. Not that it was right for him to cheat but he is human after all and none of us are infallible

  • Why do you feel bad? Because he was honest about it? That doesn't mean you should stay with him. Thank him for being honest, and tell him that you really appreciate his honesty, but you have some non-negotiables and sleeping with someone else is one of them

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