Why does my sister keeps going back?

2 years ago, my sister dated this boy who stayed back before and months later he broke up with her and that's it. Then, soon after he broke up with her for some specific reason, they dated again like every other boyfriends she had. Soon, she broke up with him because he cheated on her. And she cried on that day bringing thunderclouds and lightning. And couple of months ago, she decided to be "friends" with him, but wasn't slick enough to keep it in silence. And she started to call him her baby daddy and saying that he was her first love.

Why does my sister keeps going back to him after all those time? Does she likes being hurt by men or so?


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  • Many people like to recycle relationships. It's easier to be with someone you already been when with then starting anew.


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  • I'm afraid that your sister is blindly in love and doesn't realize that she's getting nowhere but getting hurt...
    Please be there when she gets backstabbed again... and make her realize that she should let him go