I turn descent girls I meet into whores somehow?

i meet this girl at the bar a while back , sweetest / nicest thing , cute little brunette going through to become a dental hygenist but trying to date her didn't really work out and then she got annoyed when she found out i had a thing for one of her gf's that also went to bar. it pretty much got rediclous other night when she saw me check out this girl and while later she started to dance with another guy and make out with him for a while when i was around and get all hot and heavy on the dance floor , she never does stuff like that out of character for her. it seems like the bar scene has got to her and that i may have annoyed her enough to turn her more promiscuise than she was before


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  • Lol at thinking picking up girls from bar are quality girls.

    • she's a quality girl , most dental hygenists are pretty descent I've found , she doesn't even like drink much , never gone home with any guys and doesn't even have a tattoo or body piercing yet. she's a nice girl , her gf's are a bit more party girls I've found though so they may influence her a bit but still

    • A girls friend is a reflection of her as a person. Just because a girl may appear educated, or have a fancy job does not mean that they aren't slutty. Also unless you are out with her 100% of the time, you will never know if she did go home with a guy.

      Again there are girls in this world who can put on the most sweetest mannerism, behavior in front of you and most people & be the biggest sluts on the planet without you knowing man. I've seen too many horror stories of guys saying they found a quality girl only to see that she getting matches on tinder and setting up date, finding out that she banged another guy behind his back and so forth... Rule of thumbs. Quality women aren't found at bars.

    • I do think this group of girls has evolved , when I first meet them , they were new to the bar scene and hadn't dated many guys , I do think her gf's have been with a few guys since we first meet last year and increased there # of sexual partners as they say but I don't get the feeling this girl herself has been around yet. she's just age where she likes to go out and party with her friends , I think she did like me however her gf's have been an issue and somewhat of a distraction as there all good looking and they were sort of jealous I liked her and didn't pay much attention to them as they were maybe caught off guard I wanted her

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  • I think she is jealous, not a whore. Just my impression though, I could be wrong.

    • I'm thinking jealousy may have played a role in this

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