Do think it's stupid how people turn interracial relationships into a competition along with?

either bashing their own ethnic group of men/women or bashing the other ethnic group of men/women?

For instance, white men turning interracial dating into a competition against non-white men because they think their race will get all of the women of all races along with a non white woman bashing on men of her own ethnic group based on her own individually poor experience with them.

  • Yes. It's pathetic and retarded, coming from insecure people.
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  • No. Regardless of how ignorant and offensive their remarks are, they have the right to freely say it to stir shit up.
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  • 13? this would b illegal wouldn't it?

    • FUCK!!! wrong question. ignore this comment above

    • anyway bout interracial datin... yeah this happens in some cases but fortunately most people who r after ID, do it coz they don't give a shit bout other's race... at least hope so

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  • If you have to put down you on ethnicity to be happy with your partner than maybe your in a relationship for the wrong reasons.