Guy asked me out, facebook status "in a relationship"?

I met a guy, he asked me out after talking an hour. Facebook searched him and it says he's in a relationship + pictures her + love quotes about her. I saw she was in a different country so I'm like "let me go on this date see whats up". I ask about ex's, he explains that he recently broke up with a long distance girlfriend. I say ok and that's that. But I check again after he asks me out again a week later after (he was asking me out daily), and guess what? It updated to him being in a relationship just the day before. Ok, so this dude is acting sketchy. I confront him, he doesn't give explantion so I tell him he's a liar leave me alone. A few weeks later he calls me, I accidentally answer since i didn't recognize the # and he says he wasn't lying, she's an ex, and that's all the explanation he needs to give me and how NOW the status is single.. (he only did it recently). I cursed him out. Opinions please?

im definitely not trying to even spit in his direction again. just wanted to see how many people believe him.


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  • Dude he's lying, it's a fake status I think. You should just pass.


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  • ... He went on a date with you while he was taken...
    He could do the same to you...
    I'd let this guy go and move on

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