Had an awesome first date but I think I screwed up contacting her too soon afterwards. Should I just wait until she contacts me?

So I met a girl on Tinder (she's 28 and I'm 33) and we had an awesome first date. I took her out to a blue grass concert. It was the first time for her and she really enjoyed the music. I got positive vibes from her the entire night. Our conversation flowed very well and I could tell from her body language she felt comfortable around me.

Although I was attacted to this girl for some reason I respected her enough to not move on her too quickly. I gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek at the end of the night. She did caress my arm a little bit. However I felt like it seemed it bit early to shove my tongue down her throat... lol.

Anyway the next evening I texted her up to see how she was doing. She told me great and I told her I was out with my friends at an engagement party. I did not invite her to do anything.

The following day I invited to go hiking/workout. She said she was already on her way to a national park (she's real outdoorsy). She was real kurt in her text message. I just responded "nice!" and nothing more.

Anyway I'm thinking I screwed up reaching out to her too quickly after the first date. For some reason I felt comfortable enough with this girl to respond sooner than usual. She I just hold off until she responds back?

Hey just for the record I'm usually pretty aggressive with girls to avoid being friend zoned. With this chic I felt oddly different. I was attracted to her, but I just enjoyed our company. Hope I didn't send her the wrong impression.


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  • My god, ALWAYS go for this kiss on the first date. Are you her gay best friend or her lover?

    "to shove my tongue down her throat" - a regular kiss which you should have initiated doesn't involve tongues.

    At this point yes, I would let her contact you. If she's attracted to you and genuinely did enjoy the first date she'll contact you.

    When she does ASSUME she wants to meet up and set up a definite date.

    • Obviously everyone has different expectations for what they want when it comes to dating. Personally, I prefer it if a guy- especially one I just met through online dating- doesn't get touchy-feely or try to kiss me on a first date. Simply put, I want to get to know the other person first, and that doesn't happen in a 15 minute or even 2 hour meet-up. Not everyone shows their true selves on a first date.

    • Of course everyone is different, but I honestly think it's best to go in for the kiss on the first date. If the girl doesn't want to and turns her cheek it isn't as bad as you going for a kiss on the cheek when she's looking for a kiss on the lips.

      And besides, we're talking about a kiss at the end of the date here, not during it.

    • I hooked up with a girl on our first date the week before and made out with another girl 2 days earlier (she got a little pissed that I was moving too fast). With both those girls I knew it was over after the 1st date. I genuinely liked this new girl so that is why I wasn't that pushy (although I often am)

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  • I don't see anything wrong with that. The guy I'm dating now made plans with me for our second date at the end of our first one and contacted me that night to chat some more. It was refreshing, because it showed me that he was not only interested, but also mature enough not to play games.

  • You did nothing wrong. You acted exactly how I would have wanted you to act with me. Nothing wrong with texting her the next day unless she's into playing games, and then you shouldn't want her!

    • Forgot to mention that you should hold off on texting her again until she texts you. That is how you will know if she likes you or not.

    • I figured that's the best step.

  • You're in your 30's. Why are you acting like a little middle schooler? She has a life. Just because you went out one time , it doesn't mean she has to say yes every time you want to do something with her.

    As for the great date, it might have been a great date to you but not to her.


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  • I really don't see you did anything wrong man

  • Yeah, definetely. Even though I don't think you have messed it up, my opinion is: wait for now. She will probably text you

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