What does a girl's parents think if she were dating a shy, nerdy guy?

What would happen in this dating scenario:
If he didn't even talk too much when getting first introduced to her family and can still be somewhat shy. I get that her parents obviously want the best for her and want to weed out the jerks.

What about if this guy is the opposite... shy, bookish type, doesn't even have a sales pitch (that even her father notice that) and doesn't talk too much in social gatherings if he doesn't know others too well. It's more comfortable with his few selected friends and girlfriend.

Someone once said that would be the ideal boyfriend just for the fact that he's the male version of the innocent, naive girl but others said they might still the like too much of the opposite of the jerk.
But I guess that's a better candidate than the type guys they have to worry about.


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  • Several years ago father even criticized my guy friend who wouldn't even look him straight in the eyes nor shook his hands firmly like a man but rather softly. In his opinion, he was a weirdo. He was like ''anyone that doesn't look you in the eyes probably has something to hide, that's not how you greet anyone''

    And that was not even a shy guy. So I don't think he would like either way. Interesting and yet they want good guys for their daughters huh?


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  • Well I think they'd understand. I don't think that they'd have an obvious problem with it. And if they did, they'd get used to it and you'd get used to them till its no longer a problem.

  • had a boyfriend like this once. my mom made fun of him :(

    • I don't get that. Our parents (especially fathers) have been too busy worrying about jerks from the longest and yet they wouldn't want a shy, nerdy either. My father would considered a guy like that a weirdo and not too manly. So what exactly they want? Seems like they don't want one way or the other.

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  • Girls' parents will do a global evaluation on your man. If he sucks in other fields too, then the girls' parents will be disappointed too

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