Am I still in the dating game?

Okay guys that are 21-26 with NO kids. Would you date a girl that has a kid? Would you date her if she had to bring her baby with her a majority of the times you hung out?

You see I get asked out a lot but I can't help but feel at a disadvantage.

Older guys can answer this too. Just think about it from a perspective of a person that is probably college aged, wants to party and has no kids.


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  • You get asked out all the time? Seems like any number of those times would be a good time to ask them men who you would want to date my dear=P I personally wouldn't have an issue with it, as long as she doesn't hold me to too many added responsibilities seeing as I wasn't the one who planted the seed of life within her womb=P I'm pretty affectionate and mooshy, I love seeing a mother with her kids anyways it's adorable! Well it can be anyways ha. It can gt messy I suppose

    • The* Now I'm just adding unnecessary letters ARG YOU TYPOS! ****catch all for any other typos too! HA! I just typed the word TYPO! That's priceless!

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