I like him but he's seeing someone, kind of maybe?

OK so I have a crush on this one guy. There is defiantly chemistry between us. Hell we’re great friends... any ways I have finally decided to make my move and let him know... Since I do live a little ways away from him I won’t seem him till New Years Eve. So I decided that I would kiss him at mid night. I know cheesy but I can get away with it. Any ways in the last little while (as in 2 or 3 weeks) he’s kind of started seeing this girl. But it’s not serious. He even admitted he’s starting to feel like her boot call. But since he started seeing this girl I’m not sure if I still should go through with my plan. Can if there is something between them and it turns into more I don’t want to wreck it, But at the same time what if nothing happens and this turns out being my best chance...What do you think? Should I still kiss him and let him know I like him?


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  • Go for it. Let him choose. You or her, crunch time... kind of.

    I mean if he goes for the other girl then at least you know. If he's avoiding it, talk to him about it. He's a great friend so he should be understanding (so should u). You guys would probably be distant, but at least its all on the table. No regrets, no denials... You wouldn't spoil anything, if they were together, they didn't say.

    On the other hand, if he goes for u, then all the better.

    Now if you didn't do it:

    1) If there were something between them, you guys would probably grow distant anyways. 2) If there were nothing between them, you would probably kick yurself, if there was something, it will hurt you seeing them together + and you will feel unsatisfied with life. 3) That's a kiss with yur crush, wats better than that?!


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