Should I wait for him to text me for a second date?

So I went out for lunch with this guy yesterday who I met on Tinder. We were both a little nervous I think but it seems like the date went well, we talked we even kissed twiced at the end of it. Now I would like to see him again and I did mention that. I think I said "we should do this again" he agreed. Now he didn't say "we should go out again" but when we were talking he said stuff like "I should show you this song" "I could teach you" (I don't know how to ride a bike). And he was saying stuff like how he wasn't sure he was making a good impression... etc.
Now what I'm asking is, do I wait for him to text me with plans for a second date, how long do I wait, and should I ask him out on a second date in a few days? or is that desperate?

*I don't have much experience dating so I would appreciate advice...


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  • He seemed interested, just nervous, based on the things he said. I usually follow the rule of letting him text me after the first date, although I don't think it would hurt anything if you did.

    I follow this rule for a few reasons:
    1) Attraction is either there for a guy, or it's not. A girl can warm up a bit. If i text him and he's decided there's no attraction, it's pointless. Unless there is extreme shyness or game playing, holding him back, he will text you if he's interested.

    2) Which brings me to my next reason. Extreme shyness. I've personally decided this doesn't work for me after a few dating attempts. My personality doesn't click with an extremely shy person. So if he doesn't text me for that reason, I'm glad we got that out of the way early.

    3) And the last reason, game playing. Everyone does it to an extent, and I understand there are some games and tests that need to occur when feeling each other out. However, *In my experience* (and this is just my experience, I don't mean to generalize), the guys who have done this after just one date have turned out to be major players, or guys who really weren't ready for a relationship in the first place. It's only happened to me once, and a few of my friends for me to make this deduction.

    Sorry for the long winded tangent, I just have some experience with the early stages of dating. THAT being said, if you suspect shyness is his reason and shyness isn't a dealbreaker for you, then I suggest you go ahead and text him :)

    • I think he might be a little shy, but I thought it was cute :) anyways, do you think I should it would be okay to text him tomorrow? and maybe just say "hey :)" ? I don't have a lot of experience with this *sigh*

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  • I don't think you should be apprehensive about initiating and pushing things forward. Give it a day or so and try to make plans with him.


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