What would u do if the person u like, suddenly send u a text, but u dont know how to reply?

you liked each other months ago, but for some reasons, u didn't talk for a month, until she suddenly send u a message. Will u wait for some time to organize a best sentense to reply? or would u reply immediately without thinking?

  • reply immediately
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  • wait until i think of a best sentense/way to reply
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  • i'd reply as "can u x-plain wot u said?"


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  • Always think before sending. That's been burned into my soul. And yet, still, I stupidly forget that rule and end up asking forgiveness.

    • how long would you wait? one day?

    • No, it wouldn't have to be a whole day. It's take me probably 15-20 minutes to think of what I wanted to say. Of course, it varies depending on the topic. But that's about average for me.

  • Depends. Does it require a Yes/No answer or maybe something more creative? If all it takes is 5 extra minutes to spell/grammar check and not to sound autistic (repeating words/phrases) by all means do so.


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