Why would a date ignore half a text?

I was out on a dinner nite and a girl i dated earlier during the week was at it, she has agreed to meet me again this week. At the dinner someone mentioned it was my birthday, so to let her know in a text, i said my football team lost today and it was not the present i was expecting for my birthday next Saturday. She ignored the birthday bit? why is that?

Turns out she did only half read my text, as i mentioned it today and got on to me for not saying it earlier.


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  • arggghhh bro... mentionin bout yer football team lost, might make her think u r immature... sorry but that's da truth, i couldn't help it :|

    • i was hoping she would ask was i doing anything for it, kinda backfired, though i suspect she's a plan in place or we'll discuss it later in week.

    • anyway avoid such mentions in da future better :(

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