Should I bring a girl (whom you're not sure if is interested in you yet - but you are interested on pursuing) to a public mixer event?

Where there will be a good chance of other guys hitting on her and whatnot, should I try to get more "steady" before doing these kinda things? I guess kinda don't wanna reduce my chances before I even do anything haha (and mainly because she's going to be out of states for a few months so not worth to ask her "officially out" before she comes back)

I'm weighing
Pros: We get to see each other in a social setting and personablility, she may have more fun than expected
Cons: She doesn't have too much fun, she gets interested into some other guy who may or may not be more aggressive than me in pursuing her.

Some background info: We've been "out" before alone and had a very good time, but I'm one of those oblivious guys who wouldn't be able to tell for shit if she's interested me if she wrote it on her face


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  • if i was u i'd give it a try, and i'd try my best 2 catch her interest

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