How should I deal with this girl I dated?

Met her at the bus stop, we started talking about work, so I asked for her phone number for business purposes because we were talking about business. Later, I texted that I thought she was interesting and although I got her contact for business, if she'd like a drink sometime. She agreed. First date we went out, we stayed past closing, and she started making out with me. I walked her home. Second date, we hung out at my place and she spent the night. The next few days were good. She always talks about herself which started to bore me a bit. The last date, she said she's getting extremely busy with work. That she likes me and if she didn't like me she wouldn't go out with me. I mentioned, that I'd like to do more with her. She indicated I would be second to her work. Okay. I got the hint. Few texts, she was too busy. So just kinda stopped.

Anyways, she got jealous when I was talking to another girl, like came over and started talking to me in the middle of talking to her... Don't get it. Anyways, she seemed to ignore me at the bus stop here and there.

Today, I walked by the bus stop, got on the other side and inside she walked down to say Hi to me. We talked for a bit and I said my stop which she said she was getting off. I helped her get to her location since it was very pedestriany (e. g. cut through lines to get across). I gave her a hug (she pressed her boobs against me, does that mean anything?) and said she should let me know when she's not busy. I left and she did her thing.



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  • Sounds like she is playing a little hard to get, more like a game she playing

    • I figure she'd make herself a bit available

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    • yeah, you're right

    • she has a very nice body... all I want to do is screw with her

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