How important is patience when you're attracting a girl? Does it really matter?

So suppose you like a girl. I always deal in hypotheticals. It's easier that way. Does patience really pay off? I know pressure isn't good. Just wondering if the time is worth the investment. Girls, do you like it when a guy takes his time?


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  • Not sure what you mean about having patience in this manner. If there is a girl you like, do you not talk to her, get to know her and ask her out? Not sure what you are waiting for?

    • It's a slow dance. Things take time, and I understand that. God knows I've learned patience. Yes, I do talk to her. I don't know how things will pan out. I'm along for the ride just like everyone else is. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the usual. I guess I just blew hypothetical out of the water on that. Oh well. Such is life, I guess.

    • I guess you have to gauge each situation individually. Some people open up rather quickly and others take time to crack. You just have to read their behaviour and hopefully guess right if you are moving too quickly or not.

    • Well, I'm glad I have the benefit of experience. I'd have blown it already if I hadn't. I can tell this is going to take time, just trying to decide if it's worth the investment or not. I think it is, but we'll see, I guess. Thanks for commenting, by the way! I appreciate the advice. I honestly do. :)

  • it depends on the girl , some will think your taking things too slow and others will be ok with this and not want to date or do things rate away anyways. but I think in general girls would appreciate a guy who had patients and didn't expect it all rate away