Why this disappearing Man?

So I've been seeing this Cancer man for 6 months (we're not 'official' yet), we've opened up about so much and speak ALL the time throughout the entire day and into late at night. Two weeks ago he invited me to sleep over for the first time (we'd slept together way before that, but it was the first sleepover) he didn't talk to me for two days after that, then he contacts me like nothing happened and we started speaking as much as before, practically 24/7. Until the 24th, then he disappears again! Now today, the 28th he knew I was leaving on a business trip and messages me at like 7:30 pm to say "Be safe! Hope you arrived okay!" I said "Thanks." and he hasn't said anything since. WTF? I want to freak out and say what do you care if all is well, you didn't give a shit for three days? Why does he do this?

My cousin is a Cancer and she says it's a Cancer thing and I should act as normal as he does when he speaks to me again.

So now he's normal, but extremely tied up with deadlines at work. I don't get it.


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  • I'm thinking he's cheating on you and he's seeing someone else when he's not there

    • Hmmm... I don't get that feeling and I'm usually very perceptive, but unfortunately it's very possible.