I like my Best friends "boyfriend"?

ok so I have been friends with this guys since about last year and he is probably my closest guy friend. He recently started dating my BFF and I am really depressed. I care for him so much and I wish that he never started dating my BFF! Before they started dating my friend asked if I liked him. I said sorta and we left it at that. I think she knows that I still like like hi. And I feel like screaming. I also don't want to break my BFF's heart! He also shows lots of signs of liking me. All my other crushes have been bad but I know him so well that I trust him with my life. I have also been in a near death situation with him in which he hugged me and tried to calm me down. He also told me that he trusted me with his life and that he would take a bullet for me. I really like this guy, why does he have to be dating my freaking best friend


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  • I know it ducks but there isn't much you can do about it. Just stay his friend and hope their relationship won't last very long. I'm sorry, good luck!

    • Thanks😊 I just wish I realized how much I liked him before it was too late