Is this a good idea? What is the best thing to do?

Last year, I went to Germany as part of an exchange program. After, I stayed a few days later with some childhood friends. I grew up there and reconnected with this one guy who went to my preschool. We only got two days together but it was clear that we liked each other with all the poke wars and constant hugging. He admited after I left that he liked me. We had a long distance relationship for a few months (skyped every day) after that but he ended it because we weren't sure when I'd be back in Germany. He did mention though that I was his first "girlfriend" and girl he admitted to he had feelings for. We are still pretty close and he asked me for advice on a bunch of things so I know he trusts me. We still Skype pretty often. I'm going back to Germany this summer and he is pretty excited to see me and wants to spend time together. Thing is, both of us have never had our first kiss. I'd like to have it with him and possibly have a "summer fling" (nothing that sexual though) so how exactly should I bring that up? He did end our "relationship" but seems excited to see me. Both of us are 16 and have never been in a relationship. Is this even a good idea? Any advice?


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  • Not a good idea.