Should I go through with this date?

Last week I met this woman through a friend. This friend is going through a divorce. The woman is someone he's casually sleeping with. He doesn't want a relationship, but she's looking for one. That same woman and I, vibe really well together in the short time we've known each other. We both want similar things with relationships and dating. Hell, she made the first move earlier today, showing her interests.

I guess the reason I post this is due to my guilty conscious. I want to go through with this, it's been two years for any kind of dating, mainly just failure, bad dates, and focusing on myself. Yet, being friends with him I want to leave this alone. If those two were dating, I'd back off and look elsewhere. I don't have to answer to anyone but myself, I know that for sure. Probably answered my own question with that very statement. Ha ha!
EDIT: :-)... also, I've been told by her, I'm doing something crazy right. Don't know what but I'm okay with it. :-)


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  • I think that you should talk to him first ! I wouldn't want you to miss out on something great because he was sleeping with her. I know he says he doesn't want a relationship but i think because he's your friend you should be honest , on the off chance he's harbouring some feelings for her. If he's a good friend he'll want you to go for it if it's honestly just sex for him.

    • I'll probably do that. It's the best possible scenario to play out. He has told me, before I met her, one night at a bar about this woman he's sleeping with. Usual guy talk about sex, bla bla bla, nothing serious, just for fun. A couple weeks ago or so.

    • I think just running it by him is fine , I'm sure he'll say he's cool with it ! I hope it works out for you :)

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  • I think you should go through with it. If their going through a divorce. It wouldn't be much harm done.

    • The woman he's with currently isn't the divorcee. The divorcee isn't in the picture. This other woman is and the one I'm attracted to, as she is to me. Probably should have been more clear in my post. ha ha!

    • Oh well now I get it haha. Yea go for it pal. You're friend isn't looking for a relationship but she is and you are too. Its actually that simple. If you really like her. Act on it :)

  • Go through with it.


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