Dating is hard for me! How do I make it right?

I'm having trouble getting back out into the dating waggon so to speak! What type of conversations make the guy feel more intersted in you when you meet him out for the first time? Do guys like it when the girls ask them out on a date or do you girls feel that it's best for you to wait until they ask you out? I'm doing the online sites and apps i have been on a few dates. I'm just having really hard time seeing what i am doing wrong that makes the date so boring or just not so intersting? Sorry i am all over the place i just would like to not read romance novels and not feel that i am pushing myself to meet guys?


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  • Every guy is different. I don't mind being in the driver's seat, but I'm ok if she is, too. Some guys like a more forward approach, and some don't. You'll have to take your cues from how he behaves and go from there.


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  • Just stay calm and talk normally, if we are out on a date then he already likes u so no need to try and impresss him some more
    As ffor who asks well if she does we love it

    • how long do guys like it when we ask you out first?

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    • What do you mean?

    • Ok i just feel like when i am on a date it just has a weird moment but then we talk a lot but it seems more of us hanging out and not really being on a date yah know?

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  • What kind of topics do you discuss with your friends? Don't be afraid to initiate topics and to talk to your date in the exact same way you would talk to a beloved friend.

    • Well do you think it's best to wait a while to get to know the guy bc this guy I've been talking to for like 3 days no 4. We met on a app. And I don't want to have a dull weekend. Should I ask him out or is there a way around it to bring up a topic and have him ask me out. Does that make sense?

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    • Ask him out.

    • Do it in a direct way instead of an indirect because he might not be able to figure it out.