Why is he suddenly telling me to get in touch with him all the time now?

It is stressful not knowing where I have him at this point. We don't speak as much as we use to and he has started telling me to get in touch with him and he says really will you do it, why always me? I let him do all the work in the beginning and he disliked it, we could go days without talking if he didn't get in touch with me and now it's happening. Last time I texted him goodnight he told me to get in touch with him and I will but I'm just shy and I don't understand why he won't of all sudden. This really is a problem because I don't know how to go on. Then there is something else that bothers me, yesterday he left a comment on a really hot girl's picture on Facebook saying it was a really good picture. You could see her body so well.. I got jealous! I don't know if he found out that I was dancing with another guy and actually kissed him because his friends were around that night or if not then am I just overreacting? I've been thinking about talking to him next time I see him because everything is just so confusing.


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  • He probably missed you.


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