Are we texting too much?

I'm dating this guy and we are both pretty shy. We've only got to first base but we connect really well. Also I'm out of town for nearly a month at the moment. So he messages me every single day pretty much and we usually talk for about an hour or sometimes two. I find it really hard to show affection over text. So he might say romantic stuff like about how beautiful I am and I just send a smiley face.

And today I was thinking that our texting was kind of too boring sometimes. Sometimes it still has all the spark but like today it was so... blah. So I thought maybe I should start not replying to his texts or something. Because he is never the one not to reply it always has to be me.

The only problem is, I miss him and I find it really hard not to reply...


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  • I don't think you are.


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