A months ago I told him "I love you, but maybe this is a rebound love"?

After that he began to keep distance with me on purpose. Then I found out how much I love him. A month we didn't contact, and these days I began to find excuse to text him again. He replied my texts with many smiling faces, but when I moved the conversation into further, he stopped messaging.

Does it means he still has feelings for me or he doesn't have feelings for me anymore?
anything I can do to make up it? coz I'm really involved in him


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  • He will hold back because you basically told him you only had rebound feelings for him. He is still thinking that and is still in self-defence mode. He won't let you get close because he thinks any relationship with you is only temporary at best. Now that your feelings have changed and are more concrete and genuine you need to tell him that. Tell him you still like him and before you were not really ready for a real relationship since you recently got out of one. Tell him you have had a long time to think about it and he is still growing on you. Tell him you are no longer in the rebound phase and ready to pursue a real relationship and you want to be him.


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What Guys Said 2

  • The feelings you have for him is strong but his feelings for you
    seem not to be as strong but this does happen, if he is distancing
    himself from you maybe give him second thoughts and maybe your
    feelings for him aren't as strong either.

    • aha? I don't understand

  • Seems like he is holding some feelings... U need to break it out of him

    • but how?:( If I make conversation further, he wouldn't reply..

    • Meet him and ask him.. If he doesn't reply to such questions.. . hold his hand tightly and say... U need a answer right now... Look him in the eyes... That should work

    • if he doesn't agree to meet me, how could i see him?

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  • he is holding out some feelings, but he is unsure of what he wants at this point

    • actually he is a guy who is so clear about what he wants, but I don't know what he wants/thinks for me. We live in different cities, now is like, when I send him text and take the conversation into further, he wouldn't reply, so I cannot do anything about it.. really miss him and regretting what I said/did to him

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