Girls which would make you wetter, learning a man can dance or that he can box?

Is it better for a guy to focus on boxing (or something of that nature) or dancing, if his goal, in part at least, is to woo women with the skill?
  • My panties drop for man who can dance.
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  • I leave puddles on the floor when I hear a guy can box.
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  • Either way there'll be a waterfall between my legs.
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  • I'm not that easily impressed, neither would irrigate my canal.
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  • See answers
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I'm sure questions used to get a better response a few months ago...


Most Helpful Girl

  • neither of those will

    • Neither of those skills would impress you, or improve the guy's appeal to you? (That is give him abetter chance at being with you?)

    • *a better

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm pansexual. I don't really like the muscly look on men that I'm with

    • Dancers have muscular legs... so you'd pick the boxer? :P

    • I mean, boxers are also muscular... Should have gone with neither maybe but some people that can dance don't do it often enough to get the muscular build. But I know exactly what you are saying

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What Guys Said 2

  • Neither

    • Are you answering for yourself or for girls? If the latter, why do you think that?

    • the girls and myself hahaha

    • So why do you think neither of those skills are useful in wooing a woman?

  • My panties drop for man who can dance.

    • Yours do, or your answering for the typical female? (Or both?)

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