What's the best way to distance yourself from a girl you know wouldn't make a good girlfriend?

I've been talking to this girl very casually, however things lately have escalted. We hang out more, talk everyday. She texts me she misses me lately after being apart for like 2 days. I dont feel comfortable just exclusively dating her though. She just doesn't seem trust worthy, she seems too boy crazy and has confessed to being addicted to sex. How do I distacne myself?


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  • Don't distance yourself. Why?

    Just be honest with her. Tell her that you are cool with her, but she needs to be aware that you're not up for a serious relationship right now, and you don't want to be the asshole that led her on. Then, take the awesome sex, and keep your options open.


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  • Just be upfront with her but be polite about. Just say that you think she makes a great friend but that's all she will ever be.


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