Should I believe him?

My boyfriend went to the strip club this weekend for a bachelor party. I found out from his friends dad they were getting a bus. I told him before he went I don't want him spending any money there. When he got home I asked how much he spent and, he said only on drinks. And that he stayed up at the bar the whole time. I asked why just curious on his reason and he said Cuz he didn't have to go up there. And in a text he said Cuz it wasn't me. He was the only one he group that didn't go up there. So that's it's hard to believe. Its like he is just telling me that to make me happy. And I asked if he would of told me they went to the strip club if I hadn't found out from someone else. And he said does it matter. So should I believe him or not? He gets turned on easily so maybe that's why. But he said could see from the bar. Which idc about that Its just I didn't want him spending money.


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  • We have no way of telling you if he's lying or telling the truth. Do you trust him? If you don't trust him then that could lead to a strain on your relationship. Has he ever given you a reason to not trust him? If not, then I don't think you should assume he's lying. Relationships are built on trust, it's a very important aspect of any relationship. So, if you aren't sure whether or not to believe him then this is clearly something you should talk to him about with open and honest communication.

    • I do trust him but I don't. Mainly due to my past. When he's drinking I don't fully trust him. He said he would never cheat on me. But with all his friends going up there I feel like he did at least once. I really hope he is telling the truth.

    • Well, all you can do is talk to him about it and trust your gut instinct.

  • Don't believe him.

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