Should I give up? Been dating close to 7 months. No sex yet. She said she let me know when "she wants it" and will ask me. What should I do?

What should i do? Seems like a never..
But its been 7 months! All i get is a kiss and cuddle, feels like there no physical connection. I pay majority of the dates, surprise gifts. I dont presssure at all. Last time I asked as about it was 2 months ago.
Also she gets all mad if another girl try to talk to me.. make no sense


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  • 7 months are a really long time.
    and sort of odd if she is anywhere close to your age (displayed as 25-29)

    Of course a relationship needs to grow before (ideally) and not be based only on sex. But honestly? I would be moving on by now. Hell, I would have moved on by month nr. 4...
    A relationship includes sex, and if there is no sex, you might as well just be friends. Like what's the point?

    UNLESS she has a very good explanation for why she does not want sex.
    Maybe she is a virgin? Maybe she has had some sort of sexual trauma? Maybe her religion forbids it?
    Have you asked her or do you know about something of the sort?

    • Nope not a virgin. She 21 and been with a few people. She tells me she wants it but not now and will let me know when she does. I may just break it out and tell her just be friends cause thats what it feels like sometimes.

    • totally dude, just be friends.
      I don't know what her issue is but from the little info you gave, it sure sounds like she is playing you.
      And in regards to paying for the dates: we are living in modern times, it is only fair and correct for the woman to pick up 50% of the check!

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  • Sounds like (1) she doean't like sex, (2) she's not sexually attracted to you, or (3) she's just trying to see how many hoops she can get you to jump through

    Ignore the comments about how your an evil scumbag that just wants sex because you actually want to have sex with the girl you've been seeing for 7 months

    • Just kissing and cuddling after 7 months of paying for the majority of stuff? Yeah proabably time to get oit of there

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  • I thought the point in being with someone seriously is to respect them and not let it be based on sex. If your going to break up with her because she won't give you sex then obviously she is not very important to you is she? :(

    • So he's just suppose to stay with her forever paying for the bulk of everything while she won't go beyond kissing and cuddling, and he's the selfish one?

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    • BULLSHIT !

    • Saying this type of thing is a "misunderstanding" is total bullshit-its called rape and its a serious thing, guys should NEVER just have sex with a girl if he even senses she is the least bit unwilling-she needs to tell him, "yes, I want to have sex with you"

  • And you're right. On to the next👍

  • Find someone who will fuck your brains out

  • Time to move on.

  • Maybe she is using you for gifts , dates etc, but gets her sex elsewhere. He may provide sex... and you the money


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  • if u want her only for sex then break-up... if not only for sex, then wait and b patient... simple :)

    • He's been patient... sounds like she's just using him

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    • @dragonstarterplus if he feels unsatisfied then he should leave her! but don't demand sex from her!
      if he wants sex only then he should make it clear from da beginnin... and if she's ok wid it fine.

    • After seven months he has the right to demand it ! You're dead wrong !

  • And while she is holding out on you, she is banging guys on the downlow.

    • Your dealing with a gold digger. She is fucking guys she is actually attracted to behind your back, while using u for a meal ticket. Congratulations, you are in a cuckold relationship.

  • Leave that wretched piece of excrement ! She's lower than contempt !

  • Stop paying for shit.

  • I guess it was all about getting to the sex huh?

    • Why in the world is it that if a guy wants to have sex with the girl he's been with for 7 months, he's some kind of douchebag that only cares about sex?

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    • @Dragonstarterplus It was the way he phased the question. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting sex or just using someone for sex, but at least be upfront about it. I mean, did he even talked to her in regards to where this relationship is going or is he simply waiting for signs like some idiots would? Kudos on him for lasting 7 months without sex, but at least he should have the common sense to either find out why she's not open to any sexual advances rather than think about giving up or asking what he should do about it to make her more prone to sex. He didn't even bother commenting towards my comment because it was definitely a provocative at that.

    • He said he talked to her aboit it, but she doesn't let it go beyond kissing and cuddling. Lol then if he leaves she'll probably complain about how much of a scumbag he was that just wanted sex

  • New girlfriend time.


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