Sent my ex a letter, he showed up on my doorstep?

Haven't seen my ex in 6 months. I decided to send him a letter with some old baby photos of me, I just wanted to try and talk to him to be friends again. I sent the letter on Thursday, and he received on Friday as he lives only an hour away, and my sister says he was at my doorstep 10:45PM on Friday night, but I wasn't home.

I didn't ask ask him to visit and he didn't have my new address since I moved 6 months ago, so that's how he found out where I live.

He broke up with me last year.
Why would he just show up unannounced and not at least write me back?


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  • Man it's almost like you could have asked him this question yourself when he was at your door. Or even right now as we speak.


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  • maybe he misses you and might want to date again who knows


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  • He misses you.


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