Guys, If you find a girl attractive, do you ask her out or does she have to give you the green light and indirect reassurance before you make a move?


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  • Shy guys, personally, would LOVE it if the girl approached them, but a green light would give him that extra push to approach you. (Expect extreme nervousness lol)

    • Are you shy? what would you consider as the green light?

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    • But he definitely likes you, just keep talking to him and make it clear you like him 😊

    • Thanks for you advice!
      I don't know what to make of his behavior because he actually does initiate conversations but then acts like a bashful child. On the other hand he just seems to be touching my arms and shouldres and is all up in my space and even hugged me once or twice. But never actually asked me to hang out or study or drink coffee... So I am confused in many many ways you can imagine :P

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  • if I want her that much then I'm just gonna say fuck it and go for it. but generally a green light is good reassurance.

  • If i am interested in her i will make a move for surely :)


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