I text her today, after waiting 5 days?

Ok so I got speaking to a girl on tinder Wednesday eveneing we msg'd from like 12am to like 2:40am, In the end I told her I had to go to sleep as I had to be up early to drive, as I was going away for the weekend the next day. I asked for her number and she said hmmmm maybe :), so I said ok and told her to at least follow some advice id given her earlier. She responded saying go on on, made a joke referring to the earlier conversation and then gave me her number. I waited untill today to text her because I've been away all weeked. I've not had a reponse yet and its been like 5 hours. Is it usual for a girl to wait untill she is free to text so she can solely concentrate on that? Personally id respond pretty quick even if im kinda busy. Am I worrying to much, honestly? Have I put her off by waiting pretty much 5 days to text?


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  • She could be very well giving you just a taste of your own medicine here, dear, with you... Waiting 5 days to text?
    A lot can happen in '5 days' and with '5 hours'... Still counting it seems.
    When you were Messaging into the wee hours, everything appeared to be koshore. However, by waiting, "You snooze, you lose" you may have gotten this Tinder gal a bit Tender with This and she is Waiting now, maybe making You... Wonder.
    It's hard to say at this very second if she will return the text. However, if in a day or so, you don't hear anything, maybe it's time then... To at least follow some advice I am giving you here, dear.
    Online or Off, if you like someone you meet, there are many a Guy out there in which you will be In... Compete. With this being said and all, the writing is on the wall and all, that No... Hmmmm maybe. Push a button 'Pretty quick.'
    Good luck. xx


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  • You probably put her off a little bit. The rule in the old days was 3 days and that was with landlines and stuff. This being the age of smartphones you shouldn't really wait that long to contact her. That being said, 5 hours isn't the end of the world considering how long you made her wait, plus maybe she's working


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  • You worry too much.


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