How to make a move?

This guy. We have mutual friends so he's always there when we go clubbing. Its been a month my friends tell me he's into me. I said i wouldn't make the first move. FINALLY last night he makes a first move and starts talking to me. We're both kinda shy so we spoke on and off throughout the night. When we were leaving we waited outside for our friends just the 2 of us. He was rlly caring, like making sure i was ok and holding my hand. I say bye to my friends and him. It was SUPER casual. He took his phone out hesitantly (100% sure he was gonna ask for my number) but i think he freakd out. so we walked our separate ways thats where we fckd up.
I mean we finallyyyyy hit it off and now i dont even know when i'll see him again.. i have so much anxiety cuz its all i'm thinking about. this is so frustrating cuz we like eachother. im so f*cking pissed at how last night ended im dying inside. i can't add him on fb cuz thats stalkerish. should i ask my friends to do something? whats my next move helppp haha


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  • Add him it's not stalkerish.


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