How to develop first a good friendship and possible a relationship later?

when the drawback of those two people is the distance from each other? When I meant distance I mean they both live in different cities (not so far but not so close either) and hence the reason those 2 people do not hang out together often and see each other often either. Can a friendship work like that or better yet in the future can a relationship work like that?


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  • then u should contact daily or almost daily... do u have each others Skype or fb at least?

    • I do have his FB account but he rarely posts things on his FB account, he does not update his FB account often just rarely so for me it means FB is not a big deal for him. He does not have Skype. I have only his Whatassp and phone number. About contacting him daily or almost daily well I found it can be a little desperate if I do that like im clingy or pushy because he is not doing that with me either calling me or contacting me daily or almost daily.

      I need to give the person some time off, of course Im not saying with this Im going to keep in touch with him like once each month of course not because in the meantime he can find another girl to hang out with a girl maybe that could live closer (Im just making an assumption Im not saying this is happening becaue I dont know). What I am doing now is contacting him like once every week or once every 6 days over Whatassp and when we text over Whatassp we talk for maybe 40 minutes

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    • oh i see... does he respond when u send those pics?

    • Sometimes he respond others he does not

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  • You cannot guarantee a relationship blooming from friendship. He may eventually fall for another person. It is a risk you have to take.
    As for a friendship working through distance, yes it can happen as long as both of you put an effort into it.

    • I thought relationships started from friendship and then move to something else. So from where a relationship strts if it is not from friendship first?

    • Not only. It can start from friendship but only if you are lucky and the guy doesn't lose interest.

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  • Sure, if both people are willing to put the effort into it. And it'll take some work, to be sure. But it's not like the old days; technology helps out a lot.


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