If you still like her/him, but you know (s) he cannot forget about her past so wanna keep distance, will you still reply her message when she text u?

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  • Ok, so. Is it you or her that can't let go of the past? At some point in every bodies life you realise that life is really so very short. You can't hold onto the past. It's the past, it's gone, it's over. It is only then, when you let go, can you examine your heart and discover what you truly desire. By holding onto the past, it blocks us from living a furfiling and joyful life.

    • So you would reply him?

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    • So if this guy was a huge man whore you wouldn't care right since the past is the past.

    • As long as the guy didn't continue being a man whore while with me- sure. It really is the way of society today. Women are expected to keep 'their numbers' low, while men can go into triple digits and that's fine because he is a man. Plus, it really is none of my business who he sleeps with before me. Most serious couples get tested, so it is like a clean slate.

  • Yes I do..


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