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Ok so I've just started texting this girl I met. She suggested a film to me so, I've text her today telling her I was watching it. She replied later asking what I thought. I responded telling her my favourite character and scene, but I left It at that, should I have asked a question at the end of the text or would you expect her to automatically reply with her opion on the film? I didn't want to send a long text as weve only been speaking a few days and it already seemed a little long? should I send another text with a question?


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  • Here's what I would do:
    If you just sent the text, then send another one asking her about her thoughts.
    If it's the text you sent has already been sent for a bit, I wouldn't bother. Otherwise, it will look like you thought of her opinion as an afterthought.
    I'm not sure how frequently you guys text now, but if she doesn't text back in a few hours if you guys text a lot, or a day or so if your texting is more sporadic - then just start a whole new conversation and move on!


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